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My name and my Steam-Profile!
Hello my name is Malik.

Why you should accept me as an admin!
Hello I am Malik 16 years old and come from Austria/Vienna and would like to apply to as an admin because I want to help this Server.
I am a very friendly player and love to help people.
I know some Players dont like me because they think  I´m hacking, but I always stay nice and polite.
You should give me a chance because it might be something new for to have an austrian admin in your team.
And i only see like 1-2 Admins in Only-Mirage Server but they are not full Aktiv.

Online Times:
Monday: 17:00- 1:30
Tuesday: 15:00- 1:30
Wednesday: 14:30- 1:30
Thursday: 14:30- 1:30
Friday: 14:00- 5:00
Saturday-Sunday: 24/7

You can reach me here:
Discord: malik alboo#0223

My strenghts:
I am reliable you can rely on and I am very active on your server.
I treat older people with very good respect and as long as I am respected, that person gets respect back.

My weaknesses:
I dont speak Czech.

Thats my Position on!
[Obrázek: unknown.png?width=600&height=113]

Thats not how to write the admin application. You should focus what is said in the pattern at the top of the page. Also your activity is not stable, it doesnt mean if u make 30hrs in 1 week its enough, you have to have it atleast in a month!. Also im not sure if I want to ahve in admin team someone who's not speaking either czech or slovak, have to make decision about it. Its your 2nd application this month. You can try it again after 1 month of your last application. Please think about whether it's worth it to make an application.

Take care,